Born and raised in Ellis County, Steve and Jeanette visualized a business that would provide.  They wanted nothing more in life than to provide for their family, provide a means for others to support their families and provide a service that was in demand, in the area.

Many changes have occurred during the past nineteen years, but the values behind their conception have not.  The loss of Steve in 2007 (followed by Aaron and Jake in 2016) has been devastating, but it is no excuse to give up on their vision, passion and love for construction.   

Family values, integrity, quality above quantity, generosity, 

innovation and passion are all still the backbone of the company today, 

just as Steve & Jeanette envisioned it years ago.  

One thing is certain...

J Corp makes each project and customer a priority.  It is our customer's gratification that is the greatest measure of success!