Who we are

We perform construction services as a  General Contractor and a Subcontractor, working with municipalities, counties, the State of Kansas, developers, expanding commercial businesses and residents on projects in western Kansas.

What we do

We provide services such as concrete construction, utility installation, pavement maintenance, dirt excavation, and snow removal.

Why we do it

We have worked with homeowners and designers to produce work we think you'll love. Call us today to bring our extensive construction experience to your next project.  You will be making a great choice with J Corp!  

Our services

Concrete Construction

Street replacement

Curb & Gutter

Building pads (footings)

Commercial and New Development

Residential drives, patios, sidewalk

Site Utilities

Installation and Repair of:

Water main

Sanitary Sewer main

Storm Sewer

Dirt Excavation

Dirt excavation of all kinds.  

Need fill dirt or black dirt?  

Give us a call for quick delivery.  

Pavement Maintenance

We can take care of most of your pavement maintenance issues such as crack sealing, sealcoating, patching, re-striping, etc.  

Snow Removal

Call our office today to schedule a 

visit to your parking lot or driveway so that we can get you on our snow removal schedule!  


We provide and will haul:

Washed or fill sand


Crushed Concrete

Asphalt Millings


Crushed Limestone  

Why you should choose J Corp

We can take care of most every concrete project thrown at us.  If you don't believe that, then check out projects we have done!  Or better yet, give us a call!

We provide services for residential properties as well!   Whether it be a new driveway or a driveway extension, sidewalk improvements, a shed or garage floor that is needed or even a retaining wall.  We can even help with drainage issues on your property.  

Got a project that you have been thinking about?  Give us a call to set up a visit and let us work up a free estimate for you!  

Let our project coordinator help you decide the best solution.   

Located in western Kansas